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Attention Gaining Devices

We know that today peoples attention spans are usually on the short side. The use of attention gaining devices is very necessary to learn during your public speaking course. To keep the audience alert and interested go through your presentation beforehand and make sure that every 2-4 minutes you are using some kind of attention gaining device.

Some ways you can use attention gaining devices are increasing your voice inflection, showing a visual, using a prop, telling a story, writing on a flip chart, moving around the room, throwing out a one liner or joke, or showing a picture of your family. Your possibilities are endless when looking for ideas to gain the attention of your audience. You will learn how to use this technique effectively in your public speaking course.

Just make sure every few minutes that go by you incorporate some of these
attention gaining devices. When you utilize these skills effectively your audience won't know you are using a technique on them, but at the end they will say. Wow! That time sure went by fast! 
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